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Fiction_Inc is all about having fun, meeting new people and making old friends. Posting stories and reviewing stories. We've seen alot of people post stories in their journel, just havnt really seen a comminuty for them.


1. If you are going to post a story here the story MUST BE YOURS. If it is proven that you did plagiarize an authors written work, you will be removed from the site. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Use common sense here people, what do you get out of posting someone else's story? Respect other authors. This is the number one and the most serious rule. So consider this a warning, if anyone has anything on this community that isn't theirs remove it. Because I will find out, and then YOU and the story will be gone.

2. Respect one another please, do not disrespect one another. It makes you look bad and the whole community looks bad. So if you don’t like the story or the person move on to the next story.

3. Must be rated, so people know what they are reading. If you have sex, put a warning up saying so. Example: xxx, nc17, 18 & up…

4. Slash is aloud but, you must also warn so people know. And for the people who don’t like slash, either don’t join or don’t read it. Simple.

5. NO Harry Potter, witches, magic, and Marilyn Mason. Sorry.

mods are: silverjoirde and strippedjoirde