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Hi all,

I just joined your community so i thought i'd say hi. I've written quite a few fan fics over the past year or so, most of them sent through various yahoo groups... so of you may know from these, my s/n is ukbootyliciousbaybee. Most of my fics are featuring Justin, although i do have a few featuring JC. All het, interracial and rating anything from PG13 to NC17 depending on the chapter and my mood! *lol* Anyway, i have a brand new fic that i'm working on, called 'Confessions', it's featuring Justin and it's currently up to chapter 8, so when i get home, i'll start posting it from the prologue on here. Let me know what you think, i'm a sucker for feedback! :-)

Anyway, i looking forward to reading some good fic up on here, and i'll chat to you all later!

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