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Jessica's Fan Fic

Title: You've Got Your Gun To My Head
About: Adam Lazzara
Rating: Pg-13

The other chapters are in my journal. =]

Sommer's hands shook slightly as she lifted the lighter to the cigarette in her mouth. She inhaled deeply, savoring the taste of the smoke that filled her lungs. Her nerves only seemed to relax after the third puff, but her hands still slightly shook.

A sudden chilly breeze made her shiver, her already cold body becoming freezing. Goosebumps rose on her pale skin and she shivered, zipping up her jacket and then nervously looking around.

He was late.
But, then again, he was always late when she really needed him.

The goosebumps weren't just from the cold, the lack of warmth. Oh no. And the fever, the cold sweats, the bitchiness. They, too, were caused by something else. She wasn't ill, but in a sense, she was ill.

Because all addicts are ill when their needs are not met.

But just when she was about to leave, he stepped out of the shadows, stumbling over to her with a grin on his face. Of course he would never forget about her, no matter how drunk he got. She was the sister of a celebrity. She paid well, even when she didn't have the money to buy what she needed.

"Sommer Rubano," he slurred, smiling. "Sorry I'm late, babe."

His breath smelled of alcohol, but Sommer didn't really care. She forced a smile on her pale lips and stepped forward, tossing her finished fag to the ground.

"Hello, Max," she replied simply.

She walked over to him, still smiling. This had become such a routine to her. She knew just what to say, just what to do to get her way.
To get what she wanted. What she needed.

Max stepped towards her with a crooked grin. His hand was in his pocket.

"And how will you be paying me tonight, Sommer luv?" he asked her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Sommer felt his eyes look her body over. She rolled her own eyes and dug into her jean pockets, pulling out some bills. She waved the money in his face. Max's smile faded just a bit. This made Sommer smile.

"I take it you were...hoping I wouldn't have the money this time?" she asked him, cocking her head to the side.

Max just gave her a hard glare, his eyes looking her over again, and she took that as his yes. She shook her head slowly, and ruffled his dark hair with her hand.

"Sorry, Maxy baby, but I've got the money," she said. "So you have to give me my stuff for my money. I do work hard to earn it, you know."

Which was true, and Max knew it. Sommer worked at a coffee shop and a music store. Or rather, she had worked at the music store. She had been fired from there, which had resulted in her not having money last time she and Max had met up. And he told her that she could have what she wanted...if she slept with him. So she had left without what she needed, and had been miserable for a week.

"Yes, you do work," Max said. "But you only have one job now. How did you get all the money you need to pay me?"

Sommer smirked.

"Stole it, of course," she replied.

Max nodded, and sighed. He quickly took the money from her, stashing it in his back pocket, and produced a vile out of his jacket. The vile was full of a clean, white powder.


He handed her the vile and smirked again.

"Guess I'll see you next time, Sommer," he said.

Sommer nodded, pocketing her new stash in her jacket pocket. She turned on her heel and began the long walk home.

The wind still blew a chilly breeze, and she continued to shiver as she listened to the rhythmic sound of her heels clicking against the pavement. She made herself think of the place she was going. She made herself think of home.

Home was warm. It was, or it felt, safe. Home was the place that Sommer could just be herself. She didn't have to worry about Max and the other dealers in town. Didn't have to worry about the streets and what went on. She only had to worry about what her brother was doing and worry about getting caught.

But she never did get caught.

She was careful.

Her room, where she spent most of her time, smelled of inscense and vanilla. She constantly burned scented candles and inscense, which hid the smell of the smoke (caused by the cigarettes and the drugs). She hid her "stash" in her room, as well, in a large box in her closet. Hidden from everyone's eyes except for her own.

She was careful and quiet as she stuck the house key into the door. She slowly turned, unlocking it, and then turned the knob, pushing slowly, quietly. She sighed and entered the house, quietly closing the front door behind her.

Her body carried her over to the couch. She quickly tossed her jacket on top of a chair, and collapsed onto the couch, shivering. She closed her eyes for only a moment before she realized something was wrong with the picture.

She sat up.

"Mom?" she called loudly.

When she recieved no answer, she stood from the couch. Her eyes tried to focus on the clock. 6:45pm. Her mother should've been cooking dinner right now. She groaned, and trudged across the room towards the kitchen.

"Anyone?" she called, entering the kitchen.

She sighed, noticing a note on the kitchen table. She picked it up.

Went out shopping.

You brother came home today. He and one of his friends are downstairs, and they said they'd order a pizza for you three to eat for dinner.

Please behave for the two boys. And you know the emergency numbers, and my cell, as well.


Sommer grumbled.

"What am I, four?!" she said to herself, crumbling up the note and tossing it in the trash.

But then something in the note hit her. Her brother was home. And had brought a friend with him. But more importantly...

Her brother was home.

She gasped, eyes wide. She hadn't seen Matt in ages. He'd been on tour, all around the world, with his band (Taking Back Sunday) for so long. He had even missed her 19th birthday.

Sommer opened the basement door, slowly going down the steps. She wondered which one of the boys he had brought with him.

"Matt?" she called out, halfway down the stairs.

Her brother was sitting on the couch in front of a large TV, watching music videos on some channel. He turned to look at her when she called him. A smile grew across his face.

"Sommer!" he said loudly, jumping from the couch and practically tackling his little sister.

Sommer laughed, hugging her brother back.

"I haven't seen you in ages," she told him.

"I know," he said. "And hey..."

He let go of her and looked over at the couch, where another boy sat. This boy was really a man, and was looking at the brother and sister with a sly grin on his face.

Sommer's bright mood began to dampen. Her smile faded from her lips.

"You remember Adam, right?" Matt said.
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