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LiveJournal for Through My Eyes: A Fiction Community.

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Monday, January 15th, 2007

Posted by:fakexcorexfic.
Time:6:06 pm.
Title: You've Got Your Gun To My Head
About: Adam Lazzara
Rating: Pg-13

The other chapters are in my journal. =]

Chapter OneCollapse )
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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Posted by:serial_charms.
Time:10:44 pm.
Title: Serial Charms: A Good Charlotte Romance

Rating: R

Summary: Lukkie C has loved Benji all her life ... what happens when her band finally tours with GC?

Prologue: EyesoreCollapse )

Chapter One: The Warped TourCollapse )

Chapter Two: Punk Rawk ShowCollapse )
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Monday, June 19th, 2006

Posted by:xxtynged_coelxx.
Time:7:34 pm.

Its a celeb rpg, brand new, tons of roles are open. And TONS of people are wanted/needed. So if you're interested in good rp'ing, then check it out while everyone is still available.

Taken List.Collapse )

Wanted ListCollapse )

Any questions about the rpg, contact one of the mods on aim at HerioneSlow
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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Posted by:stroke_masteh.
Time:2:59 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Hey, nifty community. I'm sorry if this is bothersome (feel free to delete), but I have a rpg of The Strokes ( strokes_rpg ) going, and we're looking for some fresh blood! (under the cut to take up less of your kind space ^^; )
Strokes_rpgCollapse )
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Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Posted by:imagine_to_play.
Time:11:27 am.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Title: To Each Their Own

Chapter: 9 - The Rape Tango (title stolen from one of the Sara's poems (http://www.livejournal.com/users/bitter_phoenix/)

Warning: Graphic rape, violence, and much butt kicking. Also lyrics to Michael Buble's Feelin Good are used.

Summary: Ladies and Gents Obi-wan Kenobi finally wakes up from his Coma
Feedback: Pretty please

I know it's been a while, but this is a long one so that will make up for it!

Here is the link to all the other chapters and 9 as well.

Read on and enjoy!

Read more...Collapse )
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Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Posted by:mandy__ashford.
Time:6:13 pm.
Would anyone here be interested in joining a LiveJournal based celebrity role playing game? Check out notquiteceleb or contact NotQuiteCelebrity@yahoo.com for more information!
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Sunday, August 21st, 2005

Posted by:angel_63.
Time:9:52 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
We searching some people who wants to play RPG with us.


Your Charakter can be a Star ;) we had a lot of gay charakter there ;) and we write in german - hope that someone off all the people here like it.
We inspired from an english RPG and want some where we can write in german, so if you like too, come one - we would love it!!
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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Posted by:imagine_to_play.
Time:2:52 am.
Oops..guys not ALL of Chapter 8 was on there. Click here for the REAL chapter 8.


Title: Untitled really, but for now To Each Their Own
Series: X-men/Star Wars/ and the girls you always wished you knew or could be..but very grown up.
Rating: R for now, but here in about a month or two expect NC-17

This chapter is the last chapter of build up and you'll see the reason Obi-Wan will wake up from his Coma. It's mostly though about the fights Anakin has with the mutants. Lots of fun!! and Lots of twisted plot and DRAMA!

Responses always welcome!
*cross posted*
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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Subject:Chapter 8
Posted by:imagine_to_play.
Time:10:45 pm.
Hey guys, we've been so busy writing this that we haven't really been typing it out. We are on chapter 30 and only posted 8..but here is the LAST chapter of build up!! This will set the coarse of all the great drama to come. You meet the reason Obi-Wan wakes up from his Coma, Anakin's hardship with the mutants, and Katt's true feelings about Remy. Enjoy..and comment, it's the fuel to our fire.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Posted by:imagine_to_play.
Time:4:47 pm.
The Link:
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/~toeachtheirown

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Title: To Each Their Own, but we have always called it The Play
Summary: This is a story that my friend and I started writing about 9 years ago. It's grown with our fandom and had many character come and go. It starts with the two Original Characters Katt( the bitch) and Ana (the beauty)

This bit of it that we've put online crosses Star Wars with the X-men. Obi-Wan Kenobie crashes into Earth and is helped by one very odd family. Anakin ties in..and that will blow you away how. It's a story of love and friendship..action and adventure. How would The Force hurt or help a mutant?

Also it's a long one, so only read if you want something to follow. It's a soap opera more then a story..TRUST ME!

Rating: R

Warnings: There is a bit of blood from the crash scene, and will later have LOTS more.
Notes: Please comment! It feeds us fuel to keep going.

The Link:
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/~toeachtheirown

Also if you want to add the story to your live journal we have one for it.


It will have all the art as well.

Thank you!
*cross posted*
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Monday, April 18th, 2005

Subject:new fan fic community
Posted by:jlbsangel.
Time:10:45 am.
Mood: hungry.
I've created a new community called fictiondesires  so come on over and joing. Any fiction is welcome:)
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Posted by:strangebint.
Time:6:17 pm.
Oh, but you guys look. I have a Spike/Illyria fic!


And I still have that new Spike/Faith, crazy Slayer Dana fic that I am so jazzed about:

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Saturday, November 27th, 2004

Subject:*NSYNC Fanfic
Posted by:randomewhatever.
Time:8:38 pm.
Hi everyone. I just joined because I wrote an *NSYNC fanfiction a few years ago, and I just recently decided to retype it and revise it a little. I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in reading it. Its posted in my journal, if anyone's interested. I would love some feedback.

I would probably rate it PG-13, for a little violence and some language.

Thanks guys!
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Sunday, November 21st, 2004

Posted by:angel_63.
Time:11:08 pm.
Mood: confused.
I try it in english:

I search for FanFic Writers (i like "slash" at most) to write FanFics together as an eMail-Roleplay.

Let me know if you want to...

~~ Angel~~

Now, in my language:

So in meiner Sprache:
Ihr FanFic Leser und Schreiber, ich wollte mal fragen ob jemand von
Euch Lust hat eine FanFic (am liebsten Slash) als eMail-Rollenspiel zu
schreiben? Ich suche Leute die Lust dazu haben.

Meldet Euch doch bei mir, ich würde mich sehr Freuen!
Über Thema und alles kann man ja dann quatschen.

~~ Angel~~
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Monday, October 4th, 2004

Subject:After Celebrity
Posted by:ajmclean_.
Time:5:51 pm.

Hey, I know the Mod of After Celebrity already posted here, but I just wanted to make mention that we have 3 fifths of BSB - A.J., Nick, and we just got Kevin.  We also have supporting acts Aaron and Angel Carter.  We are very much seeking Howie and Brian.  Also, we'd love to get someone for Amanda Latona, Leighanne Littrell, and Kristin Richardson - in addition to any other supporting acts.  Thank you.

Here's your chance. after_celebrity is a role playing game looking for mature Backstreet Fans to fullfill roles of the guys as well as siblings, wives, supporting acts(Amanda Latona)

If you're interested, contact ac_maintainer
email after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com
-0r- comment me.


we also need a ton of other celebs.  comment for info

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

Subject:Fan Fics all the time
Posted by:angel_63.
Time:7:32 am.
I'm Angel, I write FF all the time *gg* and they all about a guy named Johnny (Depp) or Orlando (Bloom) ;o)

Our Storys are rated and slash. Sorry, my english is not so good.

I would like, if somebody read the storys.
http://www.thedolphinscry.de.vu/ here is our archive.

Greetings zu all ff'lovers *gg*

~~ Angel ~~
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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Subject:fic: First Kiss
Posted by:joshs_girl.
Time:9:15 pm.
New Britney/Christina fic. MMC-era

Warning: underage-ness

First Kiss

Feedback, please. :-)
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Thursday, May 13th, 2004

Posted by:ukdiva.
Time:1:57 pm.
Hi all,

I just joined your community so i thought i'd say hi. I've written quite a few fan fics over the past year or so, most of them sent through various yahoo groups... so of you may know from these, my s/n is ukbootyliciousbaybee. Most of my fics are featuring Justin, although i do have a few featuring JC. All het, interracial and rating anything from PG13 to NC17 depending on the chapter and my mood! *lol* Anyway, i have a brand new fic that i'm working on, called 'Confessions', it's featuring Justin and it's currently up to chapter 8, so when i get home, i'll start posting it from the prologue on here. Let me know what you think, i'm a sucker for feedback! :-)

Anyway, i looking forward to reading some good fic up on here, and i'll chat to you all later!

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Posted by:moonydamsel.
Time:8:03 pm.
Mood: bored.
It doesn't really have an ending, or any sort of organization, but oh well...
StoryCollapse )
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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Posted by:joshs_girl.
Time:10:15 pm.
The deadline for my Christina Aguilera Stripped Pop Girlslash Challenge has been extended to June 4 - so this should give people extra time to complete their stories!

To everyone else, it's not too late to claim a song! The more songs claimed, the better. There needs to be more Christina slash online! So if you're interested in writing a Christina popslash story, pairing her with any other pop female (Britney, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, etc.), check out the challenge here:

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